Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency are Important for America

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Why are Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency Important for America?

The United States currently relies heavily on non-renewable sources of energy - fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas - for our energy sources. Unfortunately, these fossil fuels draw on finite resources that will eventually dwindle, becoming too expensive or too environmentally damaging to retrieve or burn. As a result, in order to meet our energy demands in the future, we are going to have to (a) consume less energy by turning to energy efficient products in our lives and (b) turn to more renewable forms of energy that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Some of the key benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions include:

Using sustainable and often lower cost energy

Renewable energy, such as wind and sun, will not run out. Other sources of energy, such as fossil fuels, are finite and will some day be depleted so by transitioning our lives to renewable fuels, we can ensure that we will never run out of energy. And when you install an renewable energy or energy efficient system, the energy produced is essentially free for the entire lifetime of the system because the energy savings generated by using such a sustainable energy system will more than pay for the cost of that system.

Improve our air quality and protect our environment

Renewable and energy efficient technologies are much cleaner sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than traditional energy technologies such as burning coal or drilling for oil. Using more renewable energy will reduce harmful and greenhouse gas emission, and could help protect fragile ecosystems.

Reduce our dependence on foreign oil

Instead of depending on importing fossil fuels such as oil from overseas, renewable energy can all be generated here in the U.S. In addition, by using more energy efficient products throughout our lives will also reduce, in the aggregate, our need for large amounts of energy to run our society. This means that our energy dollars stay at home to create jobs and fuel local economies, rather than going overseas, and reduce our nation’s involvement in conflict zones.


Why Should I Care About Saving Energy?

We use and waste a lot of energy

Energy defines our lives and we rely on it in virtually every facet of our life. Think about the energy required to power your home: from the lights, the TV, appliances and to basic heating. And this is just for your home. Imagine the energy requirements for commercial office buildings…thousands of lights, telephones, computers and other appliances, all consuming massive amounts of energy. And unfortunately, much of the lighting, appliances, systems and devices used in the marketplace are not energy efficient.

Creating a better place to live with smarter energy use

So in the end, why should I care about renewable energy or the energy efficiency of every appliance in my home or office? Simple: The net effect of our massive appetite for energy is that we demand more electricity from our power suppliers who are then forced to utilize more and more fossil fuels to keep up with the demand. That means we are increasingly reliant upon resources that are not only finite but are also incredibly toxic to the environment and our health and often from foreign areas of conflict. As a society, if we make smarter decisions about using newer, more energy efficient products in our homes and offices, not only can we reduce our energy bills but we can stop the vicious cycle and reliance upon the ever increasing consumption of fossil fuels.

The bottom line is that using energy efficient products and drawing upon renewable energy sources is the key to not only a cleaner planet but also a way to promote the long term social and economic health of the U.S. - our home.